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When you win a Stanley Cup, you belong to Reebok.

Here is the commercial that aired during the Winter Classic.  In the translated words of Mad Max Talbot,

First, I found the concept very interesting.  We didn’t have any script to follow, it was just Sidney and me playing around in the basement of a house.  It was not the real basement of Sidney’s house in Cole Harbour.  The people in charge of the project created a pretty good reproduction of the original in a house in Pittsburgh; Sidney was impressed  that the result was very similar.

We played around shooting pucks into a dryer, and it was a lot of fun.  I think that people liked the end result.  We had our little competition to carry out and no one said, “you shouldn’t say that…”  The object was just to have a good time.

I imagine that you noticed it, but the budget was a bit bigger than for my automobile ads

via YouTube (GhostWalker40)

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Song for the Holidays

From YouTube:

Alyonka & Diana Larionovs’ newly released music video for “That’s What Christmas Means To Me.” All proceeds benefit Hockey Fights Cancer. To donate please visit A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the single will go to Hockey Fights Cancer. Thank you to all friends and family that helped make this video what it is. Happy Holidays!

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Food waster! You waste food for fun…fun…fun.

First image result, when you google "food waste."

The title of this post comes from a little song I made up in college. My girlfriend and her roommates were habitual food wasters.  My terrible eating habits are directly related to my inability to watch people throw food away.

Last Friday Brandi and I went out to eat, after picking her up at the airport.  The story went as usual. I finished my meal, Brandi offered up most of what she had ordered, I attempt to finish her meal, we then ask for a box to take home the rest.   All went according to plan except for the simple fact that we forgot the box.  It was not until we were sitting at home did I remember the leftovers, which were my planned lunch for the next day.

I had wasted food.  It hurt.  I can still see the pulled pork being scraped into the terribly un-ecofriendly styrofoam box, but that is another issue altogether.  I was looking forward to those leftovers.

This brings me to my point of food waste in America.  I will let the people from GOOD do the talking with the following video.

Food: Waste Not, Want Not via YouTube (GOODMagazine)

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Drinking Beer at the Sharpedge = Awesome Penguins Comebacks


Go here for epic Pens wins.

Two times I have gone to the Sharp Edge Beer Emporium in Friendship to take in a Pens game with friends, and two times I have been rewarded with excellent hockey.  Both times the games have been in November.  The similarities could go on forever, but the fact is when you drink good beer with good friends good things happen.

On my first visit to the Sharpedge I took in the rematch of the Stanley Cup Final, which resulted in an epic finish for the Pens and Jordan Staal.

via YouTube (vimike77)

Saturday night it was a battle between two top Eastern Conference teams that could meet in the playoffs.  If the games are anything like this, it may rival the second round series versus the Caps for awesomeness.

via YouTube (AGreatDayForHockey87)

So if you are in the burgh and want to take in a Pens game somewhere other than your living room or Mellon Arena.  I suggest the Sharp Edge.


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Song for the Weekend

The Dead Weather – Treat Me Like Your Mother

The Dead Weather “Treat Me Like Your Mother” (via TheDeadWeatherTV)

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Stay Puft Throws Down on Mallo Cup Factory…

Mallo Cup!!!

Mallo Cup!!!

I came across some sad news yesterday for you candy fans.  There may be a shortage of your second favorite combination of mallow and chocolate in the coming days, months, and weeks.   The Post-Gazette has the so-called facts:

Mallo Cups and Smoothies won’t be rolling off the Boyer Candy Co.’s production lines for a few days because of a machine fire at the plant in central Pennsylvania

Read more:

I have my own assumptions about this supposed machine fire and believe the suspect can be found in the following video.

Ghostbusters Stay Puft Man (via ClaySoftProductions)
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Penn Brewery’s Brewing to Return to the Burgh

"Cheers to local drinking..."

"Cheers to local drinking..."

According to the Post-Gazette:

The city of Pittsburgh’s development arm plans to get back in the business of backing beer, after the Urban Redevelopment Authority board voted today to lend $300,000 to an investor looking to buy Penn Brewing Co. and return its brewing and bottling operations to the base of Troy Hill.

Read more:

This is truly a good move and I am glad that the bottling operations will once again return to their rightful home.  It was merely a short time ago that Penn Brewery was looking for a new location altogether.  It would have been sad to lose a local landmark.  I have drank many a Penn Beer, but have yet to visit the brewery itself.  With this news I think it will only be a short time before I make my first visit.
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The Greatest Time of the Year is Upon Us…

It is right around the corner.  Practice started this past weekend.  The smell many say is in the air.  To me another reminder of what season lies ahead is the arrival of my seasonal allergies.  It is the beginning of football season.  No not the NFL football season, but PENN STATE FOOTBALL SEASON.  Sadly this is the first time in 6 years I will not have season tickets, but I will be attempting to attend several games this fall.

I grew up a fan of Penn State football, but I never attended a game in person until my freshmen year of college.  While my first couple years were some of the worst in Penn State history, I still attended each one.  I was there for the 6-4 debacle that still makes me cringe.  A “highlight” video of the game can be found below.

Iowa vs. Penn State 2004 (via HawkeyeFan123)

I was also there for the magical 2005 Big Ten Championship run, which provided me some of the greatest experiences of my life.  No matter the record or opponent myself and my friends were at the gate early and often.

The crew:  Penn State vs Ohio State Oct 8, 2005 17-10 W

The Crew

One notable event that I am not proud of is when I left Brandi’s roomate at her dorm because she was late getting ready to go.  While I regret it, I could not contain the power that Penn State football holds over me.  The hunger that spread throughout the fanbase during one of the worst stretches in Penn State football history was finally satisfied on Oct 8, 2005 during what I would rate as the best football game I have ever attended.

2005 Penn State Vs Ohio Stat (via vinnymckee)

This season carries with it the opportunity for Penn State to solidify its position atop the Big Ten and to prove that it is once again a force to be reckoned with from season to season.  I look forward to the season and as of right now I have definite plans to attend the Iowa game on September 26th.  The game  has been declared a full stadium whiteout, so I will leave you with the following video.

Whiteout (via AlexCohenPSU)

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Song of the Day

Matt and Kim – Daylight

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Change We All Should Believe In…

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