Posted by: Seth D. | January 21, 2009

The Trikke an Answer to a Question Nobody Asked?

Sitting at home this is is some of the stuff I flip to, when I am supposed to be reinventing myself.  Straight from the Trikke website.

Trikke 3-wheel cambering vehicles provide riders of all ages and skill levels to experience a new way to propel themselves on wheels, getting a full-body workout in the process. Legs are active for balancing and shock-absorption and arms punch for power-thrusts and hang on for stability and control. The Trikke 3-wheeler allows you, the rider, to feel the miracle of your own body and mind working in graceful unison. The bi-products of the ride are joy, health, fitness and a renewed appreciation for yourself and your life.

Something about this appears inherently dangerous.  So go to about 30 seconds of the following video and my thoughts might be proven.

The first 45 seconds of the next video is all you need to see.

I don’t know maybe you can get in shape, but I just wonder if there are less ridiculous ways to do it.  I mean we already have the following type of accidents.

Maybe I’m being old fashioned, but I’m just saying beware of the Trikke.

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