Posted by: Seth D. | January 22, 2009

Signs of the times…

I am sure everyone has been in a parking garage.  They are all pretty stagnant and sterile in terms of design, and often times a bit on the creepy side.  You have the typical dimly lit parking areas, shady elevators, shady stairwells, and many times shady parking garage attendants.  I think the images below can provide some hope that maybe there are some pretty cool parking garages out there.  Ones where you don’t feel bad leaving your car there and walking away for a few hours.


The Eureka Carpark in Melbourne, Australia is an award winning design of which a jury had this to say,

“Simple, but very, very effective. We all use car parks and they are drab, dark, and basic environments. This solution transforms the space and cleverly uses words, dimension, and color to help you move around. It would have been typical to use large type and arrows, but this design works by breaking out of the box and claiming the whole landscape, so that you ignore your surroundings and are grabbed by the humor and boldness. It also seems to be a remarkably good investment, transforming a typically unpleasant environment into a space that commands your attention, for the price of about 5,000 gallons of petrol!”

The Emery studio in Melbourne is responsible for the work.  In which residents of the 90 story Eureka tower are engaged in a very artistic way-finding exercise.  The words are an optical illusion that can only be read at certain angles.  This simple artistic expression makes a world of difference on a usually forgotten design medium.  It is truly a worthwhile design venture for such a minimal cost.


  1. I could see that really confusing my senses while I was driving.

  2. Total mind blow.

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