Posted by: Seth D. | January 30, 2009

The Next Great Pastime. Really??

Hey dude, Elbow?

"Hey dude, Elbow!?"

So over on ESPN Rick Reily wrote a piece about Beer Pong.  Claiming it to be the, “next great pastime.”  While beer pong is a staple of most every college party, it is not in my mind the next great pastime.  You don’t pack up the family and grab your cracker jacks, to check out the local beer pong game.  You don’t tailgate for hours on end grilling brats, to sit on the edge of your seat wondering if your team is going to make their redemtion shots.  You don’t even call your friends up and gather round the big screen to check out the matchup between the Knights of the Wet Table and Sir Chugs a Lot.  Pong is just another drinking game, not another pastime.  This picture says it all.  Not only is this guy’s elbow way past the edge of the table, but he is also on one foot leaning to get even more of an advantage.  How can pong become the next American pastime with such blatant cheating.  This guys shot is the equivalent of dunking on an 8 foot hoop with a trampoline.  Beer Pong is what it is.  A game played to pass the time, not the next great pastime.  Your thoughts?


  1. Preach it, sir. I couldn’t agree more. That write-up is absolutely absurd.

    I love your pitch perfect critique of the photo as well.

  2. I agree that beer pong is definitely not the next great pastime to the extent that say a baseball game is. But I think a pastime is just something that someone does regularly because they enjoy it, so I guess I could see how it may be a pastime for some people, like the Knights of the Wet Table! I thought Rick’s take on the whole thing was pretty comical though…

  3. Do you think that there is actually beer in those cups?
    i say it is apple juice for the baby whose hand is at mid-table. I mean, this has to be the worst form ever!
    1. Elbow rule
    2. Leaning
    3. Foot under the table
    4. He is touching the table

    seriously, some team gets $50,000 if they win like this? sign me up!

  4. Merriam-Webster defines a pastime as “something that amuses and serves to make time pass agreeably.” So is beer pong a pastime? Sure, a lot of things can fall under that category. Horseshoes. Badminton. Date rape.

    I don’t feel that was Seth’s beef with the article. It wasn’t mine. The article asserts that this is “the next great American pastime.” That is where the absurdity in it lies, even if it is (I hope) written somewhat tongue-in-cheek.

    And it’s just hilarious that goofball Rick Reilly or whoever it was at ESPN choose such a terrible example of a photo.

  5. Rick Reily is an idiot. He’s probably one of those guys who thinks poker is sport. You know, just like football, baseball, or basketball. Idiot.
    Love the blog, by the way.

  6. where are the beer sponsors? where are the frat chicks smoking Parliaments? Where the Fuck is this event taking place, look at the over head lights and the ornate flooring?
    The dude on the far left is about to reach for his gun to pop this penalty-rich turd ponger.

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