Posted by: Seth D. | February 3, 2009

Not Quite Nero Playing his Fiddle but…

"Hey Kids! Remember if you play with Mary Jane, you too can be Super Bowl MVP!"

"Hey Kids! Remember if you play with Mary Jane, you too can be Super Bowl MVP!"

So if nobody was paying attention, the Steelers recently won the Super Bowl.  Surprise!  Its ratings didn’t quite live up to last years Super Bowl, but it was right on par with the two previous.  People are trying to call this Super Bowl the greatest ever, but I have to disagree.  I am not a Steelers fan by trade, but you could say they are my second favorite NFL team behind the Eagles.  Neither hold a candle to my favorite team, Penn State.

Alright on with the post.  This Super Bowl was not the greatest ever, but almost one of the biggest choke jobs in the history of the game.  The Steelers were up 20-7 at the end of the third quarter.  If they would have lost, it would have been one of the biggest collapses in Super Bowl History.  This guy was close to making it happen.

"If only I would have gone to Penn State..."

"If only I would have gone to Penn State..."

Throughout the third quarter the Steelers fans that surrounded me were receiving a barrage of text messages.  You know the Steelers Wave and Terrible Towel Wave text messages.  This is where I start to get to the point of my post.  The Steelers fans thought it was in the bag.  In fact the characters below thought it was over at halftime.

While attending Penn State, I was seemingly always caught between a Steelers and Eagles chant.  No matter the time or place, there was always somebody from either side that had to start the “Here We Go Steelers” or “E-A-G-L-E-S….EAGLES!!” chant.  As a relatively casual NFL fan it was always frustrating and irritating, because it always seemed to take the notch up a little too much.  Many times it would lead to petty bickering between the fan bases with Steelers fans always using the Super Bowl wins card to try and end the argument.  6 Super Bowls is the most in NFL history, but none of the wins have come against the Eagles.  The teams don’t even play in the same division or conference so the arguments in my mind are unnecessary, but always seem to occur anyways.

When riots have occured at Penn State, there is always someone quick to lay blame.  Many times in different forums the blame has been placed on students that come from Philadelphia.   Supposedly they are rowdier and more destructive than other fan bases.  These statements are unfounded and the video above, as well as the video and imagery below should put the myth to rest.

Yeah thats a bonfire on Forbes Ave in Oakland started by Steelers fans and University of Pittsburgh students.

Thats a Huge Firestick!

"Thats a Huge Firestick!"

Celebrating is great.  Blocking off streets because of the sheer numbers in them is awesome, but destroying property is entirely unnecessary.  Several arrests were made and I am sure more will follow.  This is just another example of today’s youth having no sense of consequences.  It is also another example that the attitude of a fan base is not the reason riots occur;  It is the attitude of the generation.  If you read the comments that follow many of these videos you will see people saying how cool and sweet it is.  To me its just childish and uncalled for.  I celebrate I have fun, but I think once you are of college age property destruction should be left behind.  There is no reason people should be getting injured or storefronts being broken into.  I hate to preach and sound like a prude, but it is just frustrating to see the reputation of my generation further soiled by a select few.  It does not take much to make yourself or peers look like jackasses, but the aforementioned events are a real quick way to do it.


  1. HAHAHAHHA Firestick!!! Classic Reference.

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