Posted by: Seth D. | February 6, 2009

Random find of the day…

So my friends and I were in Rome for four months about two years ago.  A few of them were on their way back from visiting one of the many ancient ruins.  They stumbled upon some sort of film shoot involving a car.  They were told they could stay, but not to look at the car when it went past.  They did get the following footage.  Video is courtesy of Matt Bird.

I don’t know if you hear it at the end, but the cameraman had this to say, “Pretty Sweet,” and “Pretty Fast.”  Clearly a budding film critic in the making.  Today while doing my usual internet research/job hunt.  I discovered the final intent of the film shoot and have posted it below for your viewing pleasure.

Too bad its one big commercial for a greedy oil company, although Shell did post its first quarterly loss in 10 years.  I don’t think they will be making any commercials with antique F1 cars anytime soon.


  1. Really seth….taking my stuff again. jeez.

  2. dem kids in the banner pic is speshul!

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