Posted by: Seth D. | March 12, 2009

Drive One…

This post may come off as a bit of a rant so I am going to be upfront and say, I am an avid fan of the automobile.  I am an adamant follower of the Ford Motor Company, partially due to parental brainwashing.  Brainwashing aside I am now old enough to make my own judgments and still plan to purchase a Ford, when I get a new vehicle.

The past couple of years it has been tough to be a fan of the so called Detroit 3, and watching their executives beg for a bailout the fraction of the size of the financial bailout was difficult to watch to say the least.  Many say let them fail because of poor business practices, but the fallout from such a strategy would cost many Americans their jobs.  I say let them work out their issues Ford took several steps years ago to write the ship.  Ford also did not accept a government bailout choosing to forge on with their “Way Forward” plan.  Yes many jobs have already been lost, but allowing these companies to fail would result in several more lost than can be imagined.

What I am getting at is, a mild truth that has turned into an over-blown myth.  I hear over and over how Toyota and Honda outperform Ford and the other Detroit automakers in reliability.  Yes 5, 10 years ago this was true, but we are now living in the present.  It is proven fact that the Ford Fusion introduced for the 2006 model year has been equal or better than the offerings from Toyota and Honda in each year of production.  Ford is recently introduced a new Fusion for the 2010 model year that will continue to outperform the Japanese offerings.  The new Fusion includes a hybrid that significantly outperforms  the Toyota Camry hybrid in fuel mileage (according to the EPA), style, and vehicle function.  Also how many CEOs have called you up after your vehicle purchase.  Ford’s CEO Alan Mullaly did just that.  The charts below are courtesy of True Delta


Everyone remembers the Taurus right?  When it was first introduced it was Motor Trend’s Car of the Year.  That was in 1986.  Ford allowed that vehicle like many others to die on the vine, but times they are a changing.  After a failed resurrection of the Taurus name a couple of years ago, an all new Taurus will debut this year.

Hello Miss Lady...

"Hello Miss Lady..."

Now onto the reason I wrote this post today.  While doing my daily Autoblog reading I came across a disturbing article.  It was recently revealed that Toyota may have attempted to delay or falsify recall claims on their pickup trucks.  In this article and accompanying video, Toyota is being accused of, “both delaying and improperly distributing the recall notice, which affected 1 million trucks and SUVs.”  The article goes on to mention, “Toyota actually started the recall in Japan a year earlier, and Toyota waited a full year before starting the recall action in the U.S.”

Ok that is where you stand folks.  Toyota started this recall in Japan a full year before the recall began in the U.S.  Lawyers in the case, “contend they have evidence that Toyota has known about the problem since as early as 1996, yet the recall didn’t begin until 2005.”

I know that GM, Ford, and Chrysler have had their own recall problems, but I am just trying to say that Toyota is not without their own faults.  Most recently recalling vehicles within the Yaris vehicle model line.

Ford has made strides in design and let this be known,  Ford is the leader with the most “Top Safety Picks” ahead of Honda and Toyota.  They are bringing vehicles to the U.S. from their acclaimed European portfolio.  Starting with new Ford Fiesta.  Ford is offering up the opportunity to join the Fiesta Movement to 100 people.  Each person will be given a Fiesta to drive for 6 months.  All of this prior to the production release of the Fiesta on U.S. shores.  So if you are tech savvy and have the ability to upload a video on youtube check out the above link.  There are only 11 days until the application deadline, so get moving.  I am ineligible to apply because my Dad works for a Ford dealership.  I think I would be perfect for the job, but sadly I have been blocked by red tape.

Hi! Im the Fiesta! Cya soon America!!

"Hi! I'm the Fiesta! Cya soon America!!"

It is ventures like the Fiesta Movement that should help provide Ford with another look from customers, when it comes time to purchase another car.  Not only that but the Detroit 3 played a vital part in the expansion of America some things for good and some for bad, but one thing that is many times forgotten is their dedication to help end World War I & II.

This whole post may have come off as a rambling rant, but what I truly want to get across is the fact that these companies should not be allowed to pass by the wayside.  People really should give their vehicles a chance, because Ford is making some of the best products they have made in years.  I’ll leave you with this video for the new Fusion.  Happy Early St. Patrick’s Day!


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  2. My ’98 Ranger has 190,000+ miles on it and has only needed the tensioner assembly replaced. Ford has been staggeringly reliable with my family.

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