Posted by: Seth D. | March 13, 2009

Myspace is No Longer Mine

With a little inspiration from my friend over at Tragedy of the Age I have deleted my Myspace account.  His post about Social Networking sadly contains way too much truth about our generation.  I know its not an amazing feat, but it is a step towards regaining a semblance of real human interaction.  I am also attempting to stay away from facebook for an extended period of time.

The reasons?  Well I can’t truly say that any of my friendships have grown stronger through any of these social networking sites.  Sure its nice to be able to constantly stalk my close friends and not so close acquaintances, but there comes a time when it is no longer that much fun.  I am friends with several people I have only met once and will probably never meet in person again.  I have friends that I knew many years ago, but have not hung out or talked with them in person for what has to be close to 10 years.  The intial feeling when you connect with a friend from long ago is pretty cool, but that soon fades.  Many times you learn that you both no longer share those same interests that you did back in junior high.  Many times more you get that slight creepy feeling looking through photos of that person hanging out with people you will never meet.  We are not a part of each other’s lives so do we need to see every detail and every status change that occurs throughout the weeks and days?

I guess a little bit of this was put into perspective, when I looked at my sister’s profile.

untitled-5She joined facebook at 5:12pm.  Before six o clock she had changed her status 6 times.  Her intial status was, “typing this 6 page essay.”  Really?  Are you?  You have changed your status 6 times including the ranges of emotions from being, “Super Kewl,” to being, “a loser.”  I doubt that she is truly typing “this essay,” which she reiterates later in the hour.  TWICE.

First of all I would like to say that I am friends with my sister because my parents are truly naive about what high school kids are doing these days, and I am the typical over bearing brother.  I know what I was doing when I was in high school and yes I was no angel, but these days it seems kids are much more eager to grow up and grow up too fast.  When I told my mom that I knew kids in 8th grade that smoked mairijuana she was shocked.  She shouldn’t be.  I am sure my sister has been to drinking parties or she herself knows people who do drugs be it pills or any other form of drug.

Ok way off tangent there, but I believe the erosion of true social interaction can be blamed for this rush to be an “adult” and do “adult things.”  Many times the only adult interaction some kids have is with the tv and internet, which only seems to be spewing the drug and alcohol fueled escapades of the present day celebrity.  When I was young I watched TV, but that was when MTV and VH1 played music videos.  These days each network is filled with reruns of Rock of Love, Shot at Love, Love or Money, The Duel, or some other ridiculous reality show.  Each show stuffed to the gills with sex, money, and alcohol.  It is a sad time that when all that is on TV, when you get home from school,  is Brett Michaels riding around on a bus with strippers vying to become his love interest.  Many of these girls on these shows are in their early 20s.  No they are not going to college instead they are playing against each other in mud football games to win a date with Brett.  I doubt my sister or her friends know who Brett Michaels is, but I bet they have watched the show.



I guess the real kicker came the other day, when I saw my sister’s most recent status.


What!? Texting!?  Do people need to know that this is what you are doing?  This coming from a girl who sends well over 7000 text messages a month.  It is sad and clearly by looking at her status she must dedicate large chunks of her day doing just that.  I use text messaging and believe there is some value to it.  For instance when you are planning to get together with 10 or so friends it is much simpler to send out one message stating the time or place rather than calling each one individually.  Although there are times, when it is completely uneccessary.  To quote Tragedy of the Age,

It comes from seeing people texting (an evolved form of the IM) a simple conversation that could take ten minutes on the phone over the course of an hour.

Many of us have been there.  Why don’t we pick up the phone?  What is stopping us?  Yeah we may interupt them, but isn’t texting them interrupting?  We do not talk to each other anymore, but it is something that I hope changes before it becomes a lost art.

In closing if you are out there inundated with social networks, that you don’t use, but are afraid to delete any of them.  Just do it.  Nobody will be too sad and if they are they will hopefully call you, email you, or send you a letter to truly check up and see how you are doing.  That is all for today folks.  I will be around, but not on facebook.


  1. Stay strong, brother. We are here for you in this time of struggle. You’re going to really feel it for the next week or two. Cold sweats, shakes, headaches – but if you persevere, you’ll make it through and feel better about yourself afterwards. Just know, you are never truly cured.

    I also LOL’d at your sister going from “super kewl” to typing her essay to “a LOSER” to wanting to punch someone in the face to typing her essay again in the matter of twenty minutes. Priceless.

    Also, verbal communication won’t be a lost art… but a lost necessity.

    p.s. I am about to poke you on facebook… I bet you can’t resist checking now!!!! mwhaha.

  2. I’m sorry I haven’t commented recently. I haven’t seen your blog updates on Twitter… so I’m a bit out of the loop.

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