Posted by: Seth D. | August 13, 2009

Penn Brewery’s Brewing to Return to the Burgh

"Cheers to local drinking..."

"Cheers to local drinking..."

According to the Post-Gazette:

The city of Pittsburgh’s development arm plans to get back in the business of backing beer, after the Urban Redevelopment Authority board voted today to lend $300,000 to an investor looking to buy Penn Brewing Co. and return its brewing and bottling operations to the base of Troy Hill.

Read more:

This is truly a good move and I am glad that the bottling operations will once again return to their rightful home.  It was merely a short time ago that Penn Brewery was looking for a new location altogether.  It would have been sad to lose a local landmark.  I have drank many a Penn Beer, but have yet to visit the brewery itself.  With this news I think it will only be a short time before I make my first visit.


  1. Next time you’re up we’ll have to get a Penn Brew after a Sprague’s, my friend.

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