Posted by: Seth D. | August 25, 2009

Stay Puft Throws Down on Mallo Cup Factory…

Mallo Cup!!!

Mallo Cup!!!

I came across some sad news yesterday for you candy fans.  There may be a shortage of your second favorite combination of mallow and chocolate in the coming days, months, and weeks.   The Post-Gazette has the so-called facts:

Mallo Cups and Smoothies won’t be rolling off the Boyer Candy Co.’s production lines for a few days because of a machine fire at the plant in central Pennsylvania

Read more:

I have my own assumptions about this supposed machine fire and believe the suspect can be found in the following video.

Ghostbusters Stay Puft Man (via ClaySoftProductions)


  1. That son of a bitch. That sweet, tasty, gooey son of a bitch.

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