Posted by: Seth D. | November 16, 2009

Drinking Beer at the Sharpedge = Awesome Penguins Comebacks


Go here for epic Pens wins.

Two times I have gone to the Sharp Edge Beer Emporium in Friendship to take in a Pens game with friends, and two times I have been rewarded with excellent hockey.  Both times the games have been in November.  The similarities could go on forever, but the fact is when you drink good beer with good friends good things happen.

On my first visit to the Sharpedge I took in the rematch of the Stanley Cup Final, which resulted in an epic finish for the Pens and Jordan Staal.

via YouTube (vimike77)

Saturday night it was a battle between two top Eastern Conference teams that could meet in the playoffs.  If the games are anything like this, it may rival the second round series versus the Caps for awesomeness.

via YouTube (AGreatDayForHockey87)

So if you are in the burgh and want to take in a Pens game somewhere other than your living room or Mellon Arena.  I suggest the Sharp Edge.


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