Posted by: Seth D. | November 25, 2009

Food waster! You waste food for fun…fun…fun.

First image result, when you google "food waste."

The title of this post comes from a little song I made up in college. My girlfriend and her roommates were habitual food wasters.  My terrible eating habits are directly related to my inability to watch people throw food away.

Last Friday Brandi and I went out to eat, after picking her up at the airport.  The story went as usual. I finished my meal, Brandi offered up most of what she had ordered, I attempt to finish her meal, we then ask for a box to take home the rest.   All went according to plan except for the simple fact that we forgot the box.  It was not until we were sitting at home did I remember the leftovers, which were my planned lunch for the next day.

I had wasted food.  It hurt.  I can still see the pulled pork being scraped into the terribly un-ecofriendly styrofoam box, but that is another issue altogether.  I was looking forward to those leftovers.

This brings me to my point of food waste in America.  I will let the people from GOOD do the talking with the following video.

Food: Waste Not, Want Not via YouTube (GOODMagazine)


  1. There is NOTHING worse in life than forgetting your leftovers and realizing it when you get home. NOTHING.
    I’m sorry for your loss. Nobody deserves that.

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