I spend part of the day on the internet.  This blog is a collection of some of the things I come across throughout my browsing.  I also enjoy rambling about little things that really don’t matter.  If you read my blog, I hope you enjoy it.


  1. There’s nothing else I’d rather do while sitting at work than read your blog!

  2. Couldn’t have picked a better picture for the banner myself. Beautiful. I will read this more than I read my own email.

  3. Dooood,

    Your blog is cool. We need to go to D’s soon. Maybe next week?

  4. Excuse me Seth.

    You will be getting a letter from my lawyer regarding illegal use of a photo.


    • kick a man while he’s down eh?

  5. Haha…..fine I’ll let it slide. But I must say that is a sweet photo.

    Wish I was in it.

    And speaking of cash….you gotta get some ads up on this site….make some dough

    • Agree very sweet photo nice work…

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